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Tulsa Food: Fusion Done Right at the Tropical
Fusion, Pacific Rim — those are culinary buzzwords (more so in the late 1990s than now) but most places get them wrong. The Tropical gets it right. Fusion means a marriage of Asian and American ingredients and cooking techniques, but all too often the vibrant, exciting flavors of the East are dumbed down in the process. At Tropical, those flavors shine. 

Greens of Bedford: Flee Winter at The Tropical Restaurant
One of the best and most unique Tulsa restaurants is The Tropical Restaurant & Bar. It serves bold, flavorful Asian cuisine in a contemporary atmosphere. Sit down to a fresh blend of flavors in dishes like tropical pad thai, garlic pepper chicken, and off-shore noodles. The ingredients are prepared to please any palate. You can have meat, seafood, and vegetarian dishes.

Current: A Culinary Oasis, The Tropical Restaurant
Tucked away on a side street, just east of Memorial and north of 51st, behind one of the ubiquitous car dealerships that blight this corner of town, is an unexpected paradise for those whose dining tastes lean toward the east - the Far East. The Tropical Restaurant & Bar, with its wooden deck and surrounding garden, is not only a welcome visual relief from the neighboring commercial development, it’s a excellent addition to Tulsa’s restaurant scene. 

Oklahoma Magazine: Fresh Seafood and Variety of Tropical Influences Shine
Sometimes, simple is better, especially when it comes to food. Bright flavors can shine through simply prepared cuisine in ways that excel. Fresh seafood, vegetables and rice are spruced up with flavors such as garlic, ginger and lemongrass. Seasonal fish choices are grilled and served with a choice of sauce, side and rice. The Tropical Duck, a specialty entrée at The Tropical, is served with house-made tamarind sauce, white rice, steamed broccoli and pickled ginger. Pasta entrées with an Asian fusion twist are also available, such as the Chiang Mai Chicken Noodle Soup, egg noodles, chicken drumsticks, tomatoes and red onions in a creamy curry broth. For those looking for a lighter bite, try The Tropical Lettuce Wraps, crispy rice with fresh herbs, glass noodles, peanuts and a twist of lime served in leaves of iceberg lettuce.